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Help: Stage 5

If you are a Coordinator you will be able to navigate from Stage 4 to Stage 5 as soon as you have finalised Stage 3. At Stage 5 it is the job of the Coordinator to assign a date for the next review (if applicable) and to assign responsibility for improving certain aspects of the organisations capacity for managing research data to one or more participants. This is all achieved through an interface that is similar to the one used in Stage 3.

To specify a date for the next review, find the Date for the next review section towards the top of the page and simply select a day and a month from the appropriate lists and enter a year into the yyyy box. Clicking Go will then record your review date. You may update this at any point until you finalise the planning process.

Within each leg there is a table containing the statements and the ratings made by each participant. As with the tables in Stage 3, it is possible to hover over the statement titles, the participants username and the ratings in order to display further information. In the final column there is a button labelled View Discussion. Clicking on this will take you to the CARDIO discussion tool page for the statement in question as a quick way to check what might have been previously discussed.

Within each table cell that contains a participants rating for a statement you will see a checkbox. Clicking on this will assign responsibility for improving the rating for this statement to the individual in question. Clicking a second time will remove the assignment. You may also assign joint responsibility to more than one participant for a statement if you think this is appropriate.

Additionally, you may also assign responsibility for improving the statement rating to yourself, and doing so will immediately display an accepted icon. For assignments to other participants the user in question must choose to accept responsibility before such an icon appears, as is discussed below.

It should be noted that you do not need to assign responsibility for all statements, only those you would like to focus on improving before the next review period. Once you have identified the statements you would like to improve and have assigned these to one or more participants you can then choose which specific tasks the individuals should be focussing on. This can be achieved by clicking on the View & Set Up Tasks button for the appropriate statement. Doing so will open up a window that provides you with some possible avenues for improvement based on the characteristics chosen individually by the participants and jointly as a result of discussions in Stage 3.

The characteristics highlighted in yellow are those that have been selected during earlier stages. Each characteristic leads to another at a higher rating level and it is possible to view these for each higher rating level to decide which should be the focus for improvement before the next review. Clicking on the checkbox within a characteristics box will select the characteristic as the focus for improvement before the next review.

To view the higher levels for each characteristic you can either use the horizontal scrollbar underneath the list of characteristics or you can click and hold the left mouse button within the blue area and move the mouse left or right to scroll the area.

Beneath the sections for selecting characteristics is a textbox where you can supply any further instructions that you would like to pass on to the participants who have been assigned to the statement.

Note that if no characteristics were chosen for the statement either individually by users or jointly through Stage 3 then the ‘View & Set Up Tasks screen will only display the textbox. You can still use this textbox to suggest which areas a participant should focus on improving but it is better to use the characteristics to provide a more structured progression.

Once you are satisfied with the information you have selected and entered, click the Save button at the bottom of the screen to record the information and close the page. You may re-open the list of tasks and update the selection at any point until the process is finalised.

Once you have assigned participants to all required statements and have selected which characteristics they are tasked with improving you can make Stage 5 available to all participants by clicking on the Activate Stage 5 for all users and send notification emails button in the bottom right of the page. This will load a page where you can decide which participants should be sent a notification email and what message should be contained within the email.

Once Stage 5 is activated for all participants you will begin to receive notification emails as each user accepts or declines responsibility for their assigned statements. Each of these responses will be logged through Stage 5.

If you hover over the Accepted or Declined text you will be able to view the supplied date by which the participant aims to have the tasks completed, or the supplied reason as to why the participant declined to accept responsibility.

Note that you can reassign responsibility after the user has accepted or declined. Simply unselect the checkbox above the accepted / declined text and the user will no longer be associated with the statement in the system. You may then assign the statement to another user, or reassign it to the same user after updating the associated tasks if necessary.

To ensure participants are kept up to date with their assignments you can resend the notification emails by clicking on the Resend notification emails button at the bottom right of the page. If necessary you can limit the recipients of the email to only those affected by your updates.

Once all the required statements have been assigned to participants and have been accepted you can choose to finalise the planning process by clicking on the Finalise Process button at the bottom right of Stage 5. Finalising the process will enable you to provide some closing comments about the process and will then make all the stages of the process 'read-only' for all users.

Using this page you can change the date for the next review if necessary and supply your closing comments, which will be displayed at the bottom of Stage 5 for all participants to see. Also listed will be any statements that have been assigned to a participant but have not been accepted. You can proceed with the finalisation even if there are unaccepted statements, or you can choose to cancel the finalisation and reassign the statements. Clicking the Finalise Process button will complete the process and return you to Stage 5.


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