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Help: Stage 4

Once Stage 3 has been finalised you will be able to view Stage 4. The purpose of Stage 4 is to gather all of the information supplied during the previous stages together and to present it in an easy to follow visual manner. Through this stage it is also possible to export the supplied information as a PDF for further use beyond the CARDIO tool. When you first reach Stage 4 a radar graph that plots each participants overall ratings for each of the three legs will be displayed.

Through the top-level graph you can easily identify any discrepancies between participants ratings of each leg, and where the overall rating fits. Within the legend towards the right of the page you can hover over a participant name to view more information about the participant in question. Clicking on the checkbox beside a participants name will remove this user from the graph and clicking a second time will reinstate the user.

If you hover your mouse cursor over an axis label a pop-up will display a description of the leg and will present you with the option of opening a graph of the statements within the selected leg. It is when you drill-down into the statements contained within a leg that the radar graphs become more enlightening.

The radar graphs of a selected leg display each of the statements within the leg as axes, with the ratings given by each participant together with the overall rating plotted along these axes. Through these graphs it is easy to observe the various points of convergence and divergence in order to plan for future improvement.

As with the top level graph you can hide and show the points plotted for one or more participants by clicking on the checkboxes in the legend in order to make the graph easier to follow. You can also hover over an axis label in order to display a pop-up that contains the Statement description together with a breakdown of the user ratings that are plotted on the graph, as shown in the above screenshot.

Beneath the graph is an option labelled Generate PDF Report. Clicking on this will display a set of options that enable to you tailor a report to your specific needs.

Through these options you can specify if you would like your report to focus on one particular leg or all legs, and whether the report should include the objectives and risks. Once you have completed Stage 5 further options will also be available for including task assignment.

Depending on the options selected, the generated PDF will contain all of the information supplied by users in the previous three stages, including contextual information about the organisation, details of participants, all of the graphs that are available through Stage 4, statement descriptions and ratings, justifications and summaries. Once generated you may save the PDF and use the data contained within as you see fit.

The final section of Stage 4 is the User Ratings section. This presents a summary of all of the user ratings for each statement across the three legs in a similar manner to Stage 3.


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