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Help: Stage 2

Once you have received the email notifying you that the planning process is available you may navigate to the process using the list of processes, as described in Section 8 above. Stage 2 of the planning process will feature the three legged stool through which you can view and rate statements relating to your organisations research data infrastructure.

You will also now have access to the CARDIO Three Legged Stool, containing the Assessment statements grouped into Organisation, Technology and Resources legs. Note that you can still access and update all of your contextual information by clicking on the Contextual Information link to expand this section of the page.

CARDIO Stage 2

Within CARDIO the evaluation of research data infrastructure takes place within three categories or 'legs’' The Organisation leg focuses on organisational infrastructure such as policies, procedures and people. The focus of the Technology leg is on the technological infrastructure that supports research data management while the third leg, Resources, focuses on issues such as funding.

The three legs are represented as tabs within Stage 1. The total number of statements and the number you have provided ratings for are displayed in the tab text, as can be seen in the above screenshot.

Within each leg every statement features a title and a description. By clicking on the Expand to supply a rating button for a statement you can view the five rating levels associated with the statement, as the screenshot below demonstrates. If you feel that a statement is relevant to your organisation and it would be useful for you to provide an evaluation of how your organisation deals with any related objectives and risks you can provide a rating for the statement by clicking on the rating level. After doing so your rating will automatically be saved in the system.

CARDIO Supplying a Rating for a Statement

In the rating scale, point 1 always represents the least developed, least well established or 'worst' level while point 5 always represents the best possible or the most mature level. Note that until you proceed to Stage 3 of the assessment you may update your ratings as many times as you wish.

In addition to supplying a Rating you can also supply the Reasoning behind your rating, by typing text into the text area beneath the rating levels and / or by uploading a PDF. Any text entered into the text area will be automatically saved whenever you click anywhere outside of the text area. To upload a PDF click on the Upload button. Note that supplying your reasoning is entirely optional.

After providing a rating, if you close a statement by clicking on the Return to compact view button a summary of your rating will be presented, as shown in the following screenshot.

CARDIO Rating supplied for a Statement

Once you have supplied all of the ratings and justifications that are applicable, click on the Finalise your ratings and proceed to Stage 3 button in the bottom right of the page to continue. Note that once you do this you will no longer be able to edit the information you entered during Stage 2.


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