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Help: Stage 2

As a Coordinator you have the option through Stage 2 of assigning particular statements to individual participants and activating Stage 2 for all participants. Once you are satisfied with your ratings in Stage 1 click on the Go to Stage 2 button in the bottom right of the page. Stage 2 will then load, presenting you with the familiar three legs of Organisation, Technology and Resources. If you click on a leg to view it you will see all of the statements within the leg presented in a tabular manner as the following screenshot demonstrates:

CARDIO Stage 2 (Coordinator)

As with Stage 1, positioning your mouse cursor over a statement title will display the statement's description, objectives and risks. The table contains columns for each of the participants you have invited, plus a final column that lists the ratings you have given each statement (if applicable). If you hover over a participant's username in a column heading a pop-up will load that displays some information about the user such as their name and email address.

If you wish to assign a statement to a participant simply click on the relevant checkbox in the participant's column. Doing so will automatically save the assignment, and you can remove the association by clicking on the checkbox again. Assigning statements is a purely optional part of the CARDIO process, and users are still able to submit ratings for statements they have not been assigned to. The assignment of statements simply highlights the chosen statements in yellow when the user comes to view the legs with the aim of helping the user tell at a glance which statements are of the most relevance to them. Note that it is perfectly acceptable to assign a statement to multiple participants or leave a statement unassigned.

Once you have made all the statement assignments you consider necessary you can choose to activate Stage 2 for all users by clicking on the Activate Stage 2 for all users and send notification emails button at the bottom right of the page. Doing so will load a page that enables you to send a customised email to each of the participants of your assessment, as shown in the following screenshot:

CARDIO Stage 2 - notifying participants

As the above screenshot demonstrates, each associated participant is listed on the page, together with their email address, their user type (Data Originator or Service Provider) and the number of statements that have been assigned to them. Once you are ready to activate Stage 2 click on the Proceed button to continue.

At this point notification emails will be sent to the participants who will now be able to access Stage 2 and supply their own ratings. Stage 3 will now be accessible to you and you will no longer be able to update the rating and justification information you supplied through Stage 1 of the process.


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