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Help: Registration

If another member of your organisation will be taking on the role of Coordinator you can still sign up using the CARDIO registration form. Alternatively you can wait until the Coordinator invites you to participate, at which point you will receive a notification email containing a link to the registration page.

When you open the registration page you will see something similar to the following screenshot:

CARDIO Registration Form

Any field marked with a red asterisk must be completed and you need to provide a valid email address as the tool will email you an activation code.

The Organisation field contains all of the UK HE institutions. Click on the arrow beside the box to display the list, or start typing into the box to view those organisations that match. If no organisation is applicable you may select 'Other', or provide a new organisation name. Providing a new name will display a prompt asking if you wish to create a new organisation. Click 'Yes' to do so or 'No' to return to the form.

In the Role within Organisation field you can enter your current role at your organisation. This field will not have a bearing on the options made available to you within CARDIO, it is purely for reference.

Upon submitting the registration form a notification email will be sent to your supplied email address. Note that if you do not receive this email you should check whether your spam filter has moved it to your junk mail folder. Within the email is an activation link. Click on this link to complete the registration process. Note that some email clients split long links over multiple lines and occasionally only display a partial link. The email contains instructions on where the full link ends and you should make sure the full link appears in your web browser when you click on it.

Once you click on the link you should be presented with a page similar to the following screenshot and the registration process will now be complete. A further notification email will also be sent to your account.

CARDIO Account Activation


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