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Help: Creating a New Assessment

If you are registered as a Coordinator you may begin a new planning assessment by clicking on the New Assessment link in the top level tabs. Doing so will load a page where you can initiate a assessment. This will either present Stage one of the assessment or, if you have already completed an assessment, you will be given the option of basing your new assessment on a previously completed version.

Within the blue bar of each page associated with a assessment you will find buttons showing the five stages of the assessment. The stage you are currently viewing will be highlighted in green. Any stages that are available to you will display their text in blue and you may navigate to a stage by clicking on the button. The buttons for any stages that are not currently accessible will feature text in white and will not be clickable.

The first step of a new assessment is to supply some contextual information, such as a name, data types involved and scale of data, as the following screenshot demonstrates:

CARDIO New Assessment

The only mandatory information is the assessment name, which will be used by all participants as a means of identifying a assessment. However, it is useful to supply as much information as you can as this may help the other participants in your assessment to gain an understanding of exactly what is being assessed. The contextual information supplied will also automatically populate a subsequent iteration of the assessment.

You may supply further contextual information through Stage 1 after the initial upload of data so if more information becomes available this can be added.

Note that the contextual information is used purely as an aid to the assessment and will not affect any options that are available to you in subsequent stages of the assessment.

Once you are satisfied with the information you have supplied click on the Update button to save it. A green notification box will temporarily appear towards the top-right of the screen to inform you that the data has been recorded, as the following screenshot demonstrates. Such notification boxes are used throughout the five CARDIO stages.

CARDIO Notification Box


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