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Help: Chat

In the final column of the table of statements in Stage 3 there is a button labelled Discuss. If you hover your mouse over the Discuss button a pop-up will display any recent activity that has taken place within this statements discussion, including information about any users that are currently viewing the discussion page.

Clicking on the Discuss button opens up the CARDIO discussion tool for the statement in question. The discussion tool is a dedicated instant messaging system that provides each participant with all of the information they need in order to discuss a statement and the ratings that relate to it.

To the left of the discussion tool you will find the statement in question, together with its description and any other associated information. Towards the right of the blue box is a list of all the participants who are involved with the assessment. If the name appears in bold this means the person is currently using the CARDIO tool.

If you hover your mouse cursor over a participants username a pop-up will display some additional user information for the person. Hovering over a participants rating will display all of the information supplied about the rating. Similarly, hovering over the overall rating will open up a table providing a detailed breakdown of the overall rating in the same way.

Towards the centre of the page is the chat interface for the discussion tool. This consists of a scrollable area where any messages posted by participants are displayed and a textbox underneath through which you can post your own messages. To post a message simply type into the Type your message box and either click the Send button or press the enter key. After a brief delay your message will appear in the box above and any participant who views the discussion page for the statement in question will be able to view your message.

If during the course of your discussions you reach the conclusion that you would like to update your rating this can be accomplished through the rating and justification section beneath the chat interface. This works in an identical manner to the options provided through the three legged stool. In addition, clicking on a new rating level will post a notification message to the chat window and will automatically update the overall rating for the statement.

To quit the discussion and return to Stage 3 of the process click on the Quit Discussion & Return to Stage 3 button or click on the Stage 3 button in the blue bar above the main page.

If you are logged in as a Coordinator you will also be able to supply an updated overall rating for the statement if necessary. This option will appear beneath the option for updating your individual rating, as the following screenshot demonstrates, and operates in an identical manner.

Supplying an overall rating will override the automatically calculated overall rating and you can choose to select characteristics and supply justification for this overall rating.

As a Coordinator you may also choose to terminate the discussion for the current statement. Doing so prevents any further discussion from taking place about the statement; participants will still be able to view the log of previous messages but no further postings will be possible. Click on the Terminate Discussion button to finalise the discussion for the statement in question. This will bring up a confirmation box. Click the Terminate Discussion button within this box to complete the process of finalising the discussion.


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